What is a brewer to do?

Perhaps my German and English roots have given me a one up in the art of brewing beer.  I've been telling myself that all day to stave off the frustration that I cannot get our newly brewed belgian white down to a reasonable temperature to pitch the yeast.  85 + degree San Diego weather is not helping my cause and even after a good nights sleep outside for the carboy she still doesn't give us a reading on our trusty carboy thermometer which tops off at 78 degrees.  What is a brewer to do?  I did put it in the sink and poured our whole ice box around it.  But, to no avail.  

So I sit here discouraged about the situation.  (My coconut curry and English Ale are soothing my woes.)  Maybe one more night camping outside the front door will do it.  Fingers crossed, bottoms up.  -nhc


  1. wort chiller. my best friend.

  2. Well, I finally pitched this morning (7/22/09).

    Carboy slept outside again and that did the trick. She sleeps with a blanket on so even if the sun rises before I do, no light damage occurs. Safety first.

  3. good news. also, i'd give the carboy an ipod and some headphones. it can get lonely and boring outside by yourself.

  4. throw some salt on that ice bath next time. for sure it will drop that temperature.