#5 Red Ale II

Red Ale II was our first attempt to improve and refine a previous homebrew, Red Ale #1. We feel optimistic but not satisfied.

Red Ale II has been described previously on this blog as:

developing a hoppy finish
lacking complexity
malty sweet (not in a bad way)
good body
pleasant flavor
minimal "homebrew taste"

In its final form some of these are true and some of these are not. II is definitely drinkable and has a pleasant flavor; these descriptors may be more true of this homebrew than any other thus far. It doesn't have much of a hoppy finish, which we have come to appreciate about a good beer. The typical "homebrew taste" referred to above is a difficult to describe lingering that is tasted at the end of each swig (wine drinkers refer to this as "...on the finish"). From experience we have learned that hoppy homebrews can suffocate this homebrew taste, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. This homebrew has neither, which for us is somewhat of a feat, allowing the focus to be on the experience as a whole rather than the final impression. It makes for a very drinkable beer; indeed, it makes for a very good beer.

The story isn't all positive though. If it were, what would we improve upon in the third iteration? This beer lacks body. We would like it just a little heavier. We appreciate light beer at FBB, in fact we are bottling a light lager today, but for our flagship Red we would like it to stand up on its own two feet a little more. We don't desire a Rogue-like hoppy finish or Stone-like heavy body, but we do need a little more from this beer. That is what we plan to give it in Red Ale III.


ON THE LABEL: Red Ale II : 12 Fluid Ounces : 355 Milliliters : Brewed and Bottled by Flightless Bird Brewery, San Diego CA : Light Liquid Malt Extract, 80L Crushed Crystal Malt, Cascade Bittering and Aroma Hops, White Labs Liquid American Ale Yeast : A light bodied, malty sweet ale

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