Pot lucke 7.24

Hayes House is hosting a potluck for all. I looked up the meaning of potluck on wikipedia and it turns out the word used to mean something like "whatever is available at the time." It further states:

"The most common usage was within inns, taverns, and staging posts in the United Kingdom from the 16th century onwards. A wealthy traveller might ask what the hosteller had to offer to eat, and be told 'chicken', or 'beef' etc., and choose it. The poorer traveller might have to do with 'pot luck', a stew of whatever was left over from the fare of the last few days or weeks. Having usually been boiled many times over, it was safe enough, and often tasty, though its nutritional value was often low. Accompanied by starchy foods like bread or potatoes, however, the traveller might go to bed well satisfied."

To sum it up, we would love to host any and all. Bring "whatever you have available" so that we may all be "well satisfied." Show up around 7PM to 1070 Hayes Ave, San Diego, CA 92103. Also, bring your drink preference along with your sustenance.

And to qualify this post for space on our blog, our European Lager (#8) will be 13 days in the bottle by the 24th, which might just be perfect.

See you soon.


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