#7 For No One Stout

The tasting notes for this one have been a long time coming. Apologies for the delay.

The goal was to brew a classic Irish style dry stout. Guinness, of course, would be the prototype for this style. "For No One Stout" doesn't have the secret Guinness flavor but it does hold its own in the stout world. Roasted coffee to start, a pleasant bitterness (not hop bitterness), smooth mouthfeel, and a dry finish. Our beer with the highest original gravity yet (1.075), For No One Stout came in at 6.7% ABV. Comparatively, Guinness is 4.1% ABV.

Personally, I think this beer is one of FBB's great successes. I mean, seriously, just look at that beauty. There is little I would change if we were to do this recipe again. The only alteration that comes to mind is that we could probably get it to have an ever smoother taste if we toned down the amount of malt extract we used so that the ABV would be somewhere in the 4-5% range. I'd also be interested in using it as a base recipe to make a coffee or an oatmeal stout at some point. Lots to look forward to. -nhc


  1. awesome. Look pretty, and the one i had was GOOD. and i'm not a stout drinker (yet.)